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As health care professionals and interpreters, we can experience the emotions of joy, sadness, fear, and anger that we channel from patients and families.

Each time one interprets the midst of suffering, trauma or grief, voices and feelings of others may lodge within and can negatively affect our lives and relationships.

Some have called this “emotional germs.”  How do we remain professional and unbiased while experiencing empathy for another? How do we cope with the feelings and thoughts we take with us from an assignment? Using narratives, experiences and information from his ministry as chaplain and his book, The Unwanted Gift of Grief, licensed therapist, Dr. Tim VanDuivendyk will address these issues.  How do we stay healthy and cope with the feelings and thoughts we take with us from an assignment?

Tim VanDuivendyk, Vice President of Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care at Memorial Hermann Health. In addition to his role at Memorial Hermann, Dr. VanDuivendyk is also licensed by the state of Texas as a Professional Counselor and a Marriage and Family Therapist.


Drawing from over 25 years of experience in a professional services industry, Ludmila “Mila” Golovine, Founder, President & CEO of MasterWord, a Language Services Provider agency, and an interpreter herself, will speak on the subject of vicarious traumatization not from a scientific but from an insider’s point of view – as a representative of a profession that is vulnerable to this type of trauma.

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