Cultural Considerations For Providing Social Services To Immigrant Clients

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

The goal of cultural sensitivity is to build trust between professionals and their clients, so that clients will disclose information and feel that they are part of the problem-solving process. Unless the social worker is an immigrant himself, he may not imagine what it is like to leave the homeland behind, survive the journey and process of migration, and then struggle to settle in.

This module includes the foundational concepts of cultural competence which are relevant to serving social service clients who are recent arrivals from other countries. The information here is offered as a resource to help prepare for client interactions. It is about inviting the client to tell his or her story, while also being grounded in the political and social background of the context that the clients are navigating. We share tips on how to arrange meetings and conduct conversations to prevent accidentally aggravating issues which are already sore for the clients. 


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